Carmen Dexl

Carmen Dexl, M.A.

Lehrstuhl für Amerikanistik, insbesondere Literaturwissenschaft (Prof. Dr. Kley)

Raum: Raum B7A6
Bismarckstraße 1
91054 Erlangen


Afro-amerikanische Literatur und Kultur, African American Studies, Critical Whiteness Studies, Gender Studies, Performance und Dance Studies

Laufende und geplante Projekte

  • laufende Promotion zum Thema „The Anti-Lynching Narrative. Ethics and Politics of Representation in African American Fiction, 1900-1973
  • geplantes Projekt „Choreographing Identities: Modern Dance in Germany and the U.S.“


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  2. “Revisiting Spectacle Lynching and Reconfiguring the U.S. South: Economy and Racial Violence in James W. Johnson’s The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (1912).” Rural America. Ed. Antje Kley and Heike Paul. Winter: Heidelberg, 2015. 113-128.
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  4. ‘A Lynching in Blackface’-The Representation of History and Fantasies of Black Male Violence in John E. Wideman’s The Lynchers.COPAS 11 (2010). no pagination.